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METASEQUOIA sprouted in 2007, taking root in Ithaca, NY.

As a Seedling, we absorbed our surroundings; fusing together our different sounds and experiences into an organic melody.

This fusion became our foundation.

We've rooted ourselves in Rock & Roll; and branch, bend and flow into genres of Reggae, Alternative, Pop, Blues & Psychedelic.

METASEQUOIA has released 8 full length albums. Three of these albums (Insects, Trilling, In the Redwoods) are available to stream on your favorite music listening app.

METASEQUOIA's collaborative creation of their music allow them to adapt any genre of music and integrate it into their signature sound, including performing cover songs unique to their style. Get out and see them perform live! 

METASEQUOIA's 2022 tour for "In the Redwoods" took them regionally across New York State and Connecticut. With an original 21 shows planned, they wound up capping the season off over 40.

METASEQUOIA placed in the top 16 for 2022 NYS Music March Madness.

METASEQUOIA toured in 2019 for "Coming to America". A return from living and playing internationally in Iceland, they toured Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas.

In 2016 METASEQUOIA's "Full Moon Tour (in retrograde)" brought them from their stay in Tennessee back to their hometown of Ithaca to perform with a reunion of previous band members.


Roo - Vocals & Guitar

Star Hanner - Keys & Vocals

Zach Kevan - Bass & Vocals

We grow our own experiences with nature, love, the human mind, space & the unknown.

Be filled with Positive Vibrations through Positive Messages.

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